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About us


Welcome to COAST TO COAST UROLOGICAL ASSOCIATES (CCUA), LLC.  Founded in 1992, CCUA designs, manufactures and distributes a variety of cystoscopy drain bags which are placed upon the majority of radiographic and portable urological surgical tables and patient positioning devices. CCUA has been providing these high quality products which are designed with the convenience of the nursing staff as our #1 priority. To this point, we were 1st to design a deeper specimen drain bag to reduced back-splash onto the physician. As another convenience for the nursing personnel we pioneered the use of “Velcro” anchoring tabs which replaced the metal anchoring clips which required accountability when or if lost. To improve our product design for ease of use, we were again 1st to include standard 8mm suction adapters for convenience and environmental health and safety. Most recently we introduced our “DIAMOND” weld enhancing strength to the RF welded seams throughout the design. Each of our cystoscopy bags are hand fabricated with a 96” expandable tubing which is 2 feet longer than previous designs. Each device is pressure tested to insure integrity of design.

To reduce costly repairs to expensive floor operated electronic foot controls, Coast consulted with field nursing personnel to determine their best choices for protection of these items. As a result, we came up with a line of foot pedal covers that allow ease of installation providing complete insulation of the foot pedal from the wet cystoscopy procedure. The result was increased revenues due to a reduction of costly repairs from moisture ingress into these expensive electronic devices.

With full consideration of physician and nursing staff, COAST TO COAST UROLOGICAL ASSOCIATES has enjoyed our long and rich relationship with all of you who provide care, services and your personal touch to the lives of those in need. We look forward to the future, insuring excellent product quality, low cost pricing, on time shipping, money back guarantees, contractual agreements, as well as our personal service to you, the folks who keep our health care industry the best in the world.

It is our honor to serve you all.

Art Pichierri-President/Founder/CEO