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About Us

Since our founding in 1992, our foremost goal has been to be a most valuable asset to our medical, nursing and physician community, whether it be in providing the highest quality urological products for cystoscopy procedures or through the distribution of the most scientifically sound infection prevention technologies available.

The difficult task of being a healthcare provider cannot be understated. The profession is challenging, demanding, heartbreaking and rewarding. The constants of illness, infection, anomalies of patient health, are most dynamic and have changed little since the dawn of man. What has changed is how we address these dynamics with the medical innovations now available to us. These technologies not only must address illness and complications directly, but they also must intervene where cultural barriers and individual constraints of Healthcare Workers impact better outcomes. These available devices and products must perform difficult tasks conveniently, simply, be highly efficacious and be user friendly. Of critical importance, they must be cost effective.

Hypocrites is quoted as saying that—Nothing is permanent except change. At Coast to Coast Urological Associates, LLC, we feel that nothing is changing more than the dynamics of Healthcare. This is a complex business formula comprised of mega-economists and financial czars, a community of committed and caring nurses, skilled physicians, and a machine of Environmental Services Specialists that insure the health and safety of staff and patients. For consultants, it is a time to focus upon financially accessible methodologies which provide complete and not partial results whereby the investments of the acquiring facility are fully attained. This is our goal and the commodities we support demonstrate this commitment to the HealthCare community.

During my lengthy tenure in the healthcare complex, I have had many wonderful opportunities watching and participating in the diversity of Biomedical engineering, marketing, sales, and the complex supply chain that supports this dynamic healthcare industry, only to be underscored by the scientific minds of creation, design, development and implementation of these advanced innovations. Bringing these great inventions to the fore and educating physicians, nurses, their staff and support personnel is greatly satisfying. It is what drives and motivates our staff; it is our passion.

At Coast to Coast UA/IC we are confident the technologies we provide will allow our trading partners, in and out of the healthcare industry, to attain the highest standards of health and safety achievable within the areas we service. I would like to invite all of you to reach out to us regarding our products and devices so that we can personally assist you in attaining better outcomes for your chosen areas of responsibility whether it be in urology or infection prevention.

Best wishes,

Art Pichierri-President/CEO