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Uro-Bag 1000894-S

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The URO-BAG™ Suction Specimen Drain Bag, catalog #1000894-S, is an alternative specimen bag designed with a suction reducer installed into the base of the bag in place of a hose. It specifically is designed to fit the Liebel-Flarsheim Hydradjust II, III & IV, the Hugh Young II, and the O.E.C. Uroview 2000 & 2500 tables. By connecting the suction adapter to your existing suction containment system, this optional design makes things safer and easier for your O.R. personnel by allowing them to utilize your existing suction equipment. The result is better management and control of infectious fluid waste.

Identical to the 1000894, this specimen drain bag is equipped with a suction adapter rather than the standard 96” drain hose. It allows for direct connection to your suction canister.

Comes in packages of (10.)

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